How To Close Investors For Your Film

Joining Me In Sydney? We’re Over Half Sold Out! Click Here To Learn More Last week we spoke about a strategy for finding investors for your film, and today I want to pick up where we left off and talk about how to close these investors once you find them. I’ve started advising more investors […]

A Strategy For Finding Investors For Your Film

I want to tell you about another strategy that’s been working lately with my Global Producer clients and it has to do with finding investor prospects. Basically, I hear a lot of complaints from filmmakers that they have their project up on Slated for instance but aren’t getting any traction. My question is always – […]

How To Build Value Without Attachments

Tomorrow’s FS Webinar EFM Wrap Up + Market Intel Report Click Here To Learn More We left off on Saturday talking about if Certain Attachments Can Hinder A Project. If you missed that newsletter, you can pick it up here. There’s some valuable tid-bits on there for all of you in the throes of packaging […]

Can Certain Attachments Hinder Your Project?

I wanted to share with you another ‘from the trenches’ EFM/Berlin story – a situation that one of my Producers Incubator students encountered as a new Producer of a genre project. In an effort to build early value in the project she attached an up and coming director thinking that would help attract a producing […]

Your Biggest Secret Weapon With Investors

I’m just back from Berlin and now it’s time to start the task of sifting through all my notes, follow ups, and action items. I actually had to take the day ‘off’ yesterday when I flew home just to rest my brain from the previous two week’s activities in NYC + Berlin. But it doesn’t […]

Diversifying Into TV (& a case study)

On Tuesday we talked about Why The Duplass Brothers Moved To TV (and whether you should consider diversifying your own portfolio) – and yesterday I held my webinar on Independent TV Development & Financing (you can catch the replay here). I received some emails from people after the webinar thanking me for the kick in […]

Why The Duplass Brothers Moved To TV (& should you?)

Strategic Producer Intensive – Sydney Early Bird Registration Now Open Click Here To Learn More ### I was reading an article the other day about the Duplass brothers and they were talking about their new show that just premiered on HBO and why they decided to move into TV.  Mark said… “.. I don’t want […]

EFM/Berlin + Are You Developing A TV Series?

 This week I’ve started preparing for Berlin/EFM which is actually right around the corner (yikes!). I was sprung into action the other day when someone started an EFM thread in the FS Forums…looks like more than just me are starting to gear up. If you’re looking for some podcasts to aid in your market preparation […]