Raising Funds For A Slate Or Single Film?

One of the questions I’ve been getting asked a lot in my Marketplace Viability Consulting is about raising money for a fund vs. a single picture. Maybe it sounds ‘sexy’ to do up a business plan for a slate of films and a ‘fund’ versus just one low budget film. After all, how can you […]

How To Close Investors For Your Film

Joining Me In Sydney? We’re Over Half Sold Out! Click Here To Learn More Last week we spoke about a strategy for finding investors for your film, and today I want to pick up where we left off and talk about how to close these investors once you find them. I’ve started advising more investors […]

A Strategy For Finding Investors For Your Film

I want to tell you about another strategy that’s been working lately with my Global Producer clients and it has to do with finding investor prospects. Basically, I hear a lot of complaints from filmmakers that they have their project up on Slated for instance but aren’t getting any traction. My question is always – […]

How To Build Value Without Attachments

Tomorrow’s FS Webinar EFM Wrap Up + Market Intel Report Click Here To Learn More We left off on Saturday talking about if Certain Attachments Can Hinder A Project. If you missed that newsletter, you can pick it up here. There’s some valuable tid-bits on there for all of you in the throes of packaging […]

Can Certain Attachments Hinder Your Project?

I wanted to share with you another ‘from the trenches’ EFM/Berlin story – a situation that one of my Producers Incubator students encountered as a new Producer of a genre project. In an effort to build early value in the project she attached an up and coming director thinking that would help attract a producing […]

Your Biggest Secret Weapon With Investors

I’m just back from Berlin and now it’s time to start the task of sifting through all my notes, follow ups, and action items. I actually had to take the day ‘off’ yesterday when I flew home just to rest my brain from the previous two week’s activities in NYC + Berlin. But it doesn’t […]

Diversifying Into TV (& a case study)

On Tuesday we talked about Why The Duplass Brothers Moved To TV (and whether you should consider diversifying your own portfolio) – and yesterday I held my webinar on Independent TV Development & Financing (you can catch the replay here). I received some emails from people after the webinar thanking me for the kick in […]