What Sales Agents Bring To The Table (& the 2 things that really matter)

 I’ve had a few students recently ask me about international distribution and whether it’s OK to side-step working with a foreign sales agent, and just approach international distributors directly. The short answer is yes it’s possible. The longer answer though is no, it’s not advisable (at least when you’re first starting out). Here’s why… Foreign […]

Why Your VOD Release Is Doomed To Failure (& How To Avoid It!)

 We were having a discussion last week on a Filmmakers Enterprise call and a few students expressed that they had failed miserably with previous VOD releases. As in total flops. Long story short, the common denominator was lack of promotion for the release. Sounds simple right? Except that there’s a HUGE misconception out there that the VOD aggregators […]

Circumventing No Unsolicited Submissions

I recently started working with a client who came to me for help packaging her film – since up until now when attempting to submit the script to agents, managers, and production companies she was hearing a lot of that dreaded phrase – “we don’t accept unsolicited submissions”. Seriously, does anything tick you off more […]

Are You Having Problems Creating A Finance & Business Plan For Your Film?

In yesterday’s newsletter and blog post Why You Can’t Dodge Private Equity Investors Forever, I let you know that I’d be opening enrollment today for my upcoming Film Finance & Business Plan Accelerator. The Film Finance & Business Plan Accelerator is a five-part immersive virtual intensive showing you how to create an independent film finance plan and business […]