AFM Postmortem + Take Away’s (& what’s yours?)

During the last week with AFM I totally lost track of days and can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Speaking of AFM, it was great to meet so many of you throughout the week and at the FS member meet up and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your stories of how you’re doing out there with your […]

Best Resources For Preparing (& Profiting From) AFM

AFM is kicking off tomorrow and there will be a whirlwind of activity ahead. Between my full meeting schedule, and daily meetings/pow-wows with my FS Insiders group and consulting clients, it looks like it’s going to be a busy next 10 days! If you’re attending AFM and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and unprepared, don’t […]

Will Gap Financing Work For Your Film?

I was working with an AFM client recently on packaging his project and something I like to do prior to approaching approaching agents and managers for talent is to ‘vet’ our talent choices with sales agents first in order to make sure the talent we’re going after can actually sell the project. In fact, this […]

Maximizing VOD Revenue w/ A Theatrical Release

There seems to be a whole lot of questions lately about how to ‘trick’ the system into making more money with VOD/Digital distribution. People are amazed to find that they can have an iTunes premiere or wide distribution on other platforms…and while it all looks good from the outside, really there is minimal cash flow […]

Five Ways To Profit From Self Distribution


So last week we left off our discussion with Is Self Distribution A Business Or A Hobby and I promised you a new podcast I recorded called Five Ways To Profit From Self Distribution which actually offers some solutions for profiting from this type of distribution if this is the path you choose or find yourself on. Remember, more than 90% […]