Releasing Your Film On $0 Budget – Can It Be Done?

One of the biggest fallacies over the last few years is that digital distribution is a cure-all for what ails the independent film business. As you may have come to the conclusion by now though - distribution isn’t the problem.Getting your film noticed in an over-saturated marketplace and actually making sales is the problem. I’ve had so many […]

5 Tips For Submitting To A Sales Agent

In last week’s post we talked about 5 Ways To Vet A Sales Agent (so you don’t get taken!) – but once you’ve figured that part out, how do you actually submit to the sales agents you’ve vetted? Great question! So I thought it would be a good idea to post a clip from July’s […]

5 Biggest Mistakes Filmmakers Make With Film Markets


Having been a sales agent for the better part of my professional career, I’ve seen a lot of mistakes that filmmakers make when it comes to film markets. In this video I cover the 5 biggest ones…and costly mistakes to avoid. With AFM coming up, you’ll want to pay special attention here…enjoy! . . . […]

From Kickstarter To Broadcast Deal To Emmy Nomination

 A couple years ago a first time Writer/Director came to me for help with his very personal film that was trying to get into production. You know, the usual story of trying to raise a million bucks to make his first movie. I worked with this filmmaker one-on-one through my Film Market Consulting program and together we […]

Three Reasons You May Need To Divorce Your Producer

I was talking to a writer/director client last week and he was recounting to me the story of ‘breaking up’ with his Producer. You see, it had been 2 years of options and renewals and nothing to show for it. Nothing…zip…nada. Obviously it made sense to move on at that point but the real question […]