The Director Dilemma & Getting To Yes w/ Financiers

I recently attended a Film Finance conference and one of the major topics of discussion was about directors. And more specifically, about the director dilemma. The dilemma I’m referring to is this…. If you’re pursuing structured financing for your film, particularly in the higher budget ranges (over $1 million for example), the director becomes extremely important […]

How To Simplify Financing Your Film

We left off on Tuesday talking about What Sales Agents Bring To The Table and I introduced a the video of my master class on the same topic. Coincidentally since then I’ve had some meetings with financiers, bankers, and even sales agents that shed some additional light on this topic (yes I’ve had a busy week of meetings!). Probably […]

What Sales Agents Bring To The Table (& the 2 things that really matter)

 I’ve had a few students recently ask me about international distribution and whether it’s OK to side-step working with a foreign sales agent, and just approach international distributors directly. The short answer is yes it’s possible. The longer answer though is no, it’s not advisable (at least when you’re first starting out). Here’s why… Foreign […]

Why Your VOD Release Is Doomed To Failure (& How To Avoid It!)

 We were having a discussion last week on a Filmmakers Enterprise call and a few students expressed that they had failed miserably with previous VOD releases. As in total flops. Long story short, the common denominator was lack of promotion for the release. Sounds simple right? Except that there’s a HUGE misconception out there that the VOD aggregators […]