Five Ways To Profit From Self Distribution

So last week we left off our discussion with Is Self Distribution A Business Or A Hobby and I promised you a new podcast I recorded called Five Ways To Profit From Self Distribution which actually offers some solutions for profiting from this type of distribution if this is the path you choose or find yourself on. Remember, more than 90% […]

Is Self Distribution A Business Or A Hobby?


TGIF – I hope you all had a productive week! I just recorded a new podcast for you called Five Ways To Profit From Self Distribution, which will be published early next week. This podcast was inspired from a thread in the FS Forums titled Is Self Distribution A Business Or A Hobby? That’s a great question […]

Are There Upsides To Self Distribution?

In my last two installments we talked about Distributors Encroaching On Self Distribution and whether Self Distribution Is Your Only Option or not. I want to point out that it’s definitely not all doom and gloom though. There’s many upsides to self distribution too, like… more revenue goes into your pocket if you’re engaging in direct to audience […]

Is Self Distribution Your Only Option?

In last week’s newsletter we talked about how Traditional Distributors Are Encroaching On Self Distribution. Since then, there’s been some interesting discussions on Facebook around this post and I also got some follow up emails requesting I go deeper on this topic…. So I thought I’d back up a bit and actually start with the question […]

Are Distributors Encroaching On Self Distribution?

So Toronto just kicked off and if you’ve been following the deals being done so far in the trades, you may have noticed how traditional distributors are starting to encroach on direct distribution platforms. Let me explain… I’ve noticed a few deals already whereby distributors are partnering with direct to audience platforms like Vimeo on […]

TIFF & Pre-Sale Projections For $2-$4M Films

Funny thing about the first couple weeks of September is that things may still feel as quiet out there as they did this summer since people are just coming back from holidays and then of course there’s Toronto Film Fest (TIFF) which kicks off this week – creating a big distraction for those in the […]