Three Reasons You May Need To Divorce Your Producer

I was talking to a writer/director client last week and he was recounting to me the story of ‘breaking up’ with his Producer. You see, it had been 2 years of options and renewals and nothing to show for it. Nothing…zip…nada. Obviously it made sense to move on at that point but the real question […]

The $500 Indie & How To Succeed As A Backyard Filmmaker

Yesterday the Producers Incubator kicked off and we were discussing the industry landscape for distribution in today’s marketplace. (by the way, you can still enroll in the program today and we’ll get you all caught up before Session 2 starts tomorrow). Anyway, the idea is that while you’re in development with your project, you take a look […]

May Roundup: To Cannes And Back

May was a busy month indeed! Between the prepping for and then attending the Cannes Film Market while simultaneously opening enrollment for the Producers Incubator… let’s just say I’ve had enough to keep me occupied But hey, I still managed to get out some podcasts, blog posts, and FS member resources for you guys – so […]